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Annual Membership Renewals

SSAA Membership

The SSAA membership office will send you a renewal form on the anniversary of your original join date.  Follow the instructions on the form to renew your SSAA membership.

Fraser Coast Branch Range Pass Fees

Fees for the use of the range facilities are required each year and should be paid on or before the start of the financial year on 1st July. You should also fill out the range pass form and return it to us.  You can complete the form on paper or electronically.  To use the paper option, complete the form on line and then use the print button to print the form, and either send it to the secretary or hand it to the secretary or treasurer.   

For the online option open the form and complete it online and then click on the SUBMIT EMAIL button to send it to us.

Payment can be made in cash handed to the secretary or treasurer or a range officer with the form, or it can be sent with the form using a cheque or money order, or it can be transferred directly to our bank account, following the instructions on the form.  Bank transfer is intended to be made with the electronic form submission, but you can send the form on paper and still transfer the fee to the bank account.  Make sure to include your name and SSAA number if you make a bank transfer.

Pistol Members 28 day Return

If you are a pistol shooter and your participation conditions change during the year, then, under the Weapons Licencing Act, you must inform the branch of the change within 28 days.  You can do this using the 28 day pistol return.  Your participation conditions change if you obtain your first pistol in a new class during the year, or get rid of your last pistol in a particular class during the year.  You should also tell us if you leave the branch or the pistol section during the year.

Pistol Members End of Year Return

If you are a pistol shooter then you must complete the end of year questionaire , and return it to us by 14th July each year. 

You must also send a copy of your QP516 pistol club shooters participation card for the year.

If you wish to send this form on paper then you can complete it on line and then use the print button to print it, and send it to us with a copy of your participation card.  If you are doing this it would be helpful if you sent it with the amenenities fee form.

To submit the form electronically, you complete it and then scan it and your participation card and send both the form and the scanned card to the secretary by e-mail.

The mailing address for the secretary is:

The Secretary
SSAA Fraser Coast
P.O. Box 1243
Maryborough QLD 4650