P.O. Box 1243, Maryborough QLD 4650, ABN 41 757 152 369

How to become a Member

- If you are already a member of SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia) then you need to transfer your membership to Fraser Coast using this link Once approved and added to our database you may also apply for a Yearly Range Pass Card. Please email with a copy of your SSAA Membership card.

- If you are not already a member of SSAA then you need to join SSAA using the SSAA NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP FORM, and pay the appropriate membership fee as shown on the form. On your membership application, please be sure to select 'Fraser Coast' in the box marked 'Branch'. If you do not specify this, you will not be assigned to SSAA Fraser Coast Branch (Q50), and you will not be eligible for the branch's benefits or Yearly Range Pass.
Once you have submitted your application you will still need to wait to be approved by the Fraser Coast Branch(Q50) management committee. In the meantime you may be sent a membership card with Q00 as the branch. You are still welcome to come and use our facilities and once approved then a new card will be sent with Q50 as the branch. Q50 is the Branch Number for SSAA Fraser Coast Branch Inc.. You will then be eligible to apply for a Yearly Range Pass Card. Please email with a copy of your SSAA Membership card.

- If you wish to become a pistol shooter then you must also join the pistol section of the branch. 
The form for that is the pistol section application.

You must be a member of the pistol section for six months before you can apply for your licence so after joining Q50 Fraser Coast Branch, immediately submit the pistol section application to ensure you complete your probation as soon as possible.  See the joining procedure link below for more information.

In all cases you can send the form and fees to:

The Secretary
SSAA Fraser Coast
P.O. Box 1243
Maryborough QLD 4650

A list of current executive members of the branch is to be found here.

Membership of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia can help you obtain a licence for a rifle.  Membership of SSAA or a similar organisation is required if you wish to obtain a sporting shooters licence for a pistol.

The process to be followed for obtaining a rifle licence is summarised in rifle licence process.

The process to be followed to obtain a pistol licence is a little more complicated and is summarised in pistol licence process.
As mentioned above there is a pistol section application form to join the pistol section

The costs involved vary from time to time and the current costs are listed .

The various forms required to apply for licences etc can be obtained from your local police station.  However forms can also be downloaded from the Queensland Police Service Weapons licencing page.

If you wish to become familiar with your obligations under the weapons act and regulations, then you can find this information on the Queensland legislation site.  Select "Current Legislation". Then select "W" and look for the weapons act and regulations.